Jupiter New Tenor / Baritone Horn

Baritone Tenor

JBR260L Baritone Horn

Good quality lightweight student baritone. Features a nice tone, a popular choice with schools. Supplied in compact wood case.

Main Product Features:

• 13.5mm bore.
• Traditional British mouthpiece angle.
• 242mm bell.
• Stainless steel valves.
• Body lacquered brass.
• Compact wood frame case.

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JAL456L Tenor Horn

Great quality and well respected student model regularly recommended by teachers. Features 'British style' lead pipe design. Includes mouthpiece and useful accessories. A popular choice for schools.

Main Product Features:

• British style lead pipe design.
• 11mm bore.
• 182mm bell.
• Nickel silver valves.
• Wood frame case.
• Supplied in lacquer as standard. Also available in silver plate - please contact us for details.