French Horn – Double

Maintenance Service:
Entails the removal of all working parts, rotary valves and tuning slides. Clean, wash and remove all corrosion inside all tubes, valves, valve casing and slides. Attend to any minor repairs. Re-string rotary valves, assemble and lubricate.

R1450.00 – R1750.00 ex. Vat

Major Service:
Undertaking of all necessary major repairs i.e. Loosen stuck rotary valves, re-straightening tubes etc… Re-soldering any loose stays, braces and tubes. Loosen stuck tuning slides. Remove all dents. Detect any leaks. Complete valve work and hand lapping for a smooth valve action. Replace rubber stoppers. Re-string rotary valves. Restoring instrument to a good playing condition.
R1750.00 - R2200.00 ex. Vat