Oboe Repairs



Woodwind - Oboe repairs

MATERIALS:. Oboes are padded with fine quality cork pads.

Blue tempered needle springs and fine quality imported felt and corks.

At Musicraft, when we replace pads, we always meticulously prepare the surface of the tone hole by leveling, filling and polishing, eliminating any open grain to produce a perfect surface and ensuring an airtight seal. We use only the finest quality cork.

Putting your oboe back together is the most labor-intensive part of the setup process. Each key is meticulously reassembled. The pads are leveled and diligently checked for any potential leaks, one pad at a time. The key venting is optimized for even sonics and accurate intonation. The pad height is set to your personal specifications. And the spring tension is adjusted for an even feel and quick action.

Finally your oboe is play-tested and spot-checked for accurate intonation. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your oboe is being set up by a shop whose staff actually plays the instruments they work on!

Emergency Repairs
Done while you wait, re-straightening, re-alignment to bent keys, reseating pads, replacement of spring, etc…

Charged @ R400.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of R200.00



OBOES Simplified system R750.00 – R1200.00 ex. Vat

Modified system R950.00 – R1500.00 ex Vat.

Professional* R1500.00 – R2500.00 ex. Vat

Check and adjust. Repair as necessary – re-straightening and re-alignment to keys etc… Re – seating pads, regulating & balancing key work. Re –setting adjustment screws. General tightening and securing to keys, pivot screws and shafts.
Estimated charges pending on assessment of instrument



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OBOES Simplified system R1800.00 – R2300.00 ex. Vat

Modified system R3200.00 – R4000.00 ex. Vat

Professional* R4500.00 – R5500.00 ex. Vat

This entails restoring instrument to a good responsive condition. Removing keys, removing all corrosion and foreign matter, cleaning tone holes etc.. Cleaning and polishing, regulating, resetting and alignment of keys and action. Replacing pads, springs and corks as necessary. Assemble and lubricate. Re setting adjustment screws and general tightening.

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OBOES Simplified system R3800.00 ex. Vat

Modified system R6000.00 ex Vat.

Professional* R8500.00 ex. Vat

This entails restoring the instrument to a good responsive condition. Removing keys, old pads and corks. Removing all corrosion and foreign matter from tone holes. Cleaning and polishing. Oiling bore, hinge tubes and shafts. Replacing all pads and corks. Regulating, resetting and alignment of keys and pads. General tightening and light lubricating to keys. Assemble and lubricate.

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OBOES Simplified system R4150.00 – R4750.00 ex. Vat

Modified system R6250.00 – R7000.00 ex. Vat

Professional* R9000.00 – R10000.00 ex. Vat

COMPLETE STRIPPING OF INSTRUMENT: Removal of all keys, worn pads, old corks and springs. Complete keywork and tightening i.e.: swedging worn hinge tubes and removal of any play between pillars. Hand burnishing methods that restore the action to a like-new performance level. For very old oboes/bassoons or badly worn keys, a new set of silver steel shafts may be fitted. All tone holes are checked and correctly leveled where necessary. On wooden bodies all cracks are filled or pinned and the entire bore is oiled.
A thorough cleaning and polishing of all keys, rods, pivot screws, tone holes, body surfaces and bore is done. Replacement of all springs, corks, felts and pads. Keywork is carefully balanced, regulated and aligned. Instrument is then reassembled and lubricated.

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