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At Musicraft we stock the following models:


Black Bamboo – A special carbon mixture for more resistance and great projection.


Forestone reeds are made from a mixture of polypropylene resin and cellulose wood fiber. More that 50% of the wood fiber used is bamboo. The material is tasteless, odourless and non-toxic. The exceptional sound, resilience and flexibility of Forestone reeds are mainly due to this special material.

These reeds are made by proprietary injection molding developed in Japan. This results in reeds with optimally smooth vamps that are exceptionally uniform and consistent, reed-to-reed.

Forestone reeds tend to maintain their strength/resistance over time. They vibrate well and hold the centre of the sound in a manner similar to that of a good quality cane reed. The basic timbre is robust, clear and strong, with just enough “buzz” to ensure projection and carrying power. Intonation is stable and the reeds articulate well throughout the range of the clarinet and saxophone.

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