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Woodwind Clarinet Repairs Materials: Ebonite / ABS – resin clarinets ( plastic ) We use Lucien Deluxe Pads: Yellow, double bladder skin pads with specially treated pressed felt. Wooden clarinets ( optional ) We use Deluxe Waterproof Mypads: Waterproof tan leather pads with deluxe pressed felt. Blue tempered needle springs and fine quality imported felt and corks. Putting your clarinet back together is the most labor-intensive part of the setup process. Each key is meticulously reassembled. The pads are leveled and diligently checked for any potential leaks, one pad at a time. The key venting is optimized for even sonics and accurate intonation. The pad height is set to your personal specifications. And the spring tension is adjusted for an even feel and quick action. Finally your clarinet is play-tested and spot-checked for accurate intonation. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your clarinet is being set up by a shop whose staff actually plays the instruments they work on! Charged at an hourly rate of R400.00 ex. Vat, with a minimum charge of R200.


Repairs charged @ R500.00 per hour including Vat, with a minimum charge of R250.00

Emergency repairs done while you wait. Re-straightening and re-alignment to keys, re-seating pads and replacing corks, springs etc. charged @ R650.00 per hour

The prices below are a rough guide. An accurate estimate will be given once the instrument is assessed and work will commence once approved.

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